ShopStream Connect™

Complimentary Tool Management Software

The ShopStream Connect™ software allows you to customise your view of this vital diagnostic information, including the ability to display up to 16 graphs on-screen at once and drag and drop parameters from the list to customise the display order.
For diagnostic tools with lab and ignition scope recordings, technicians have the ability to auto play, step through frames and pages, zoom and use cursors to help analyse their waveforms. They also have the option to display the grid and scales, inverse the colours for printing and move each channel's vertical placement.

Want to share your diagnostic readings with other ShopStream Connect™ users? It's easy, simply e-mail your files right from the application or post your files to discussion groups. Others can open your files, provide opinions, and help diagnose the problem vehicle.
With ShopStream Connect™, you can also create custom print-outs of scan data to share with vehicle owners, or save it with the vehicle's history.

Key Features

ShopStream Connect™ supports the following Snap-on / SUN file types:

  • Data Manager – Displays files with the following extensions
    .lsc - Lab scope preset
    .isc - Ignition scope preset
    .vsc - ShopStream preset
  • Scanner DataViewer – Opens files with the following extensions:
    .pids - ShopStream Scanner “movie”
    .scm - Scanner “movie”
    .scp - Scanner Snapshot
    .scs - Scanner Screen Snapshot
    .spm - ETHOS Scanner “movie”
    .Icm - Microscan Scanner “movie”
  • Scanner Code Viewer – Opens files with the following extensions:
    .xml - Scanner Code Files
  • Scope Viewer – Opens files with the following extensions:
    .ism - Ignition Scope “movie”
    .iss - Ignition scope screen
    .isp - Ignition Scope Snapshot
    .lsm - Lab Scope “movie”
    .lss - Lab Scope Screen
    .lsp - Lab Scope Snapshot
    .mmm - Multimeter “movie”
    .mms - Multimeter Screen
    .mmp - Multimeter snapshot
    .vsm - Verus Scope “movie”
    .vss - Verus Scope Screen
  • Image Viewer – Opens files with the following extensions:
    .bmp - Screen Snapshot (bitmap image file)
    .jpg - Screen Snapshot (JPEG image file)
    .sps - Scanner Screen Snapshot NEW:

The updates includes

  • Supports 17.4 Scanner data files.
  • Scope files can now be opened directly from Windows when double click on them.  Note the windows file association must be manually set to “ScopeDataViewer.exe”for each scope file type to use this functionality.  Scope files have the .vsm file extension.    Scope files will be automatically registered with Windows in a future version of SSC.
  • The Scope viewer window will remember its last size and position when a scope file is opened.  Basically when open a scope file, the scope viewer window will be the same size and in the same position as it was when last used.

Benefit to customer

  • Fully compatible with scanner data from the 17.4 software upgrade
  • Enhances documentation and communication with customers
  • More attractive report that does not wrap longer trouble code numbers to the next line. Manufacturer specific trouble codes may have more digits than previously allowed
  • Flexibility to choose whether or not to display the time of the scan on the trouble code report
  • Convenience and flexibility, Allows quick access to files without having to navigate to them using the SSC Data Manager the same as has always been possible with Scan data files
  • Consistent with Windows apps in general and tends to be more convenient to most users
  • If a tech receives a Snap-on data file from another tech and does not already have SSC installed, SSC can be downloaded without having to search for it