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The latest SUN 17.4 software package offers a multitude of new models, systems, tests and functions. Models year have been updated to majority of makes to 2016. System coverage of many manufacturers was updated. The automatic vehicle identification, the automatic one-touch code scan, and the automatic one-touch clearing of fault codes in all systems were further improved. Functions for park brake service, battery replacement, key programming, keyless systems, lane departure warning / lane change warning, service interval reset, adaptation of components, DPF regeneration, injection valve programming, actuator tests, steering angle sensor calibration, and much more was added or updated. Like in all previous software updates, new measurements and functions were added or updated also for older models.


17.4 Main adding


  • 2 NEW models added: BMW Luxury 7 Series  with 9 engines added and the MINI Cabrio Convertible with 4 engines added
  • Read and clear diagnostic  trouble codes, view live data, carryout service reset and perform special functions on various modules through 2015  model year


  • NEW 1.5 diesel K9K engine added


  • NEW service functions added for 2016-2017 including: ABS brake bleed, relative compression test, power balance test, misfire monitor neutral profile correction added, keep alive memory reset, cruise control module calibration and rear video camera configuration
  • Plus DPF regeneration and the engine reset on the Fiesta 1.4L diesel Euro 5 Engine:  2010 – 2012 engine system


  • New instrument cluster ECU added with codes, data and actuator tests
  • New diesel exhaust fluid special function across the diesel range


  • 2 new models added with extensive coverage: Niro – 1.6L hybrid and Optima - 1.7L diesel and  2.0L hybrid


  • 4 new models added including: Evoque 2.0L diesel/petrol, 2.2L diesel, Evoque Convertible, 2.0L diesel/petrol and 2.2L diesel, Range Rover: 2.0L petrol; 3.0L diesel, 3.0L hybrid, 3.0L petrol, 4.4L  diesel, 5.0L  petrol and Range Rover Sport: 2.0L petrol, 3.0L diesel , 3.0L hybrid; 3.0L petrol,  5.0L petrol


  • New smart start ECU added for Mazda 2 2015; Mazda 3 2015; Mazda 6 2013; Mazda MX-5 2016; Mazda CX-5 2013; Mazda CX-5 2013


  • NEW systems with codes, data and special functions adding including: Distronic calibration coverage, panoramic sliding roof and multifunction camera


  • Electronic parking brake module NOW available with great special functions including: Start brake pad replacement, finish brake pad replacement, initialisation position adjustment, G sensor calibration,  clutch sensor reset,  brake operation, brake release, system mode change and  auto activation


  • NEW functions added including: ABS brake bleed, key programming, injector coding, air suspension C4 Picasso and 7 new BSI systems added


  • Great new functions added including: New VW Touareg (7P) electronic park brake replacement procedure and grinding in process implemented, dynamic (driving) dpf regeneration procedure on CAY 1.6 TDI-CR series of engines implemented and  the VW Crafter parktronic system added  allowing users to perform the same tasks as the dealer tool


Key Features Summary

•            Now includes 31 manufacturer-specific titles

•            Model year coverage up to 2016

•            75,921 vehicle models and variants now covered

•            696,132 system variants and combinations now covered

•            37,224 functional tests now covered

  • 615,442 fault codes can be identified throughout all model variants now covered
  • 3,015 new vehicles variants added in 17.4
  • 119,141 new systems added in 17.4

•            11,473 new fault codes added in 17.4

•            2,683 new functional tests added in 17.4

•            Automatic system identification (for 26 makes)

•            Automatic system scan for fault codes in all systems (28 makes)

•            “Clear all codes” function (28 makes)


Key Features Component Test Meter PDL 5500 Summary

  • New  manufacturer added – IVECO
  • 29 makes now covered
  • 3 NEW Technology Classes added:
    • 10 minute Brushless Direct Current Motor Class (NEW)
    • 15 minute Selective Catalytic Reduction Class (NEW)
    • 15 minute Engine Mechanical Theory Class (NEW)
  • 4 NEW case studies added:
    • VW Polo - diesel particulate filter sensor fault (add screenshot examples)
    • BMW E46 – down on power, Vanos fault (add screenshot examples)
    • Chevrolet Cruze – diesel electronic throttle control fault (add screenshot examples)
    • VW Golf – fuel pump fault (add screenshot examples)


For further information please consult the  Application Guide for European and European Asian cars 17.4 version  and the  Applications Guide for US Domestic and US Asian cars 17.4 version