DGA 1500


DGA 1500


The DGA 1500 Smokemeter allows fast, precise analysis of opacity on diesel engined vehicles. Designed to operate in the tough environment of workshops and test lanes the DSS-3 is available in configurations to meet the needs of the most exacting test environments.

  • Main features:

    • Analysis of opacity for diesel engines
    • Automatic zero and calibration
    • No manual calibration required
    • Bluetooth in conjunction with Bluetooth module
    • Robust design
    • Large easy-to-read high-resolution graphical LC display
    • Interactive simple-to-use remote control keypad
    • On-board thermal printer
    • RPM and oil temperature measurement


    • Wireless RPM/oil temperature kit
    • Bluetooth EOBD interface
    • Bluetooth adaptor DGA 1500
    • Bluetooth adaptor for smoke meter
    • DGA1500 trolley

    Wireless RPM/Oil Temperature Kit:

    • Measures RPM via the battery ripple
    • Measures oil temperature via the oil dipstick
    • Bluetooth communication between the RPM/oil temperature kit and the DGA 1500

    Bluetooth™ Adaptor DGA 1500:

    • Required with all Bluetooth options!

    Bluetooth™ EOBD Interface:

    • Easy to use
    • Delivers RPM / oil temperature to DGA 1500 emissions analyser
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DGA 1500
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