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With over a full century of revolutionary product development, engineered repair solutions and dedicated support, Sun has repeatedly redefined the automotive service industry. You can be confident that a Sun diagnostic tool is ready to serve with unparalleled coverage and industry-exclusive features for general and collision repair coverage. Sun has always been dialed into our customers’ needs, offering leading-edge and innovative diagnostic solutions.  




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• Alfa Romeo®, Audi®, Chrysler®, FIAT®, Hyundai®, Kia®, Lancia®, Land Rover®, Lexus®, Mazda®, MG®, Nissan®, Seat®, Skoda®, Subaru®, Toyota®, Volvo®, VW®



Here’s just a few highlights of what is in this new software release:



  • New systems all series – all engines 2015 – 2023;
  • X5 E70 2007>2013 New actuators and Special Functions;
  • Battery Management 1 Series 2016>2018, 2 Series 2016>2022, 3 Series 2016>2019, X1 2016>2023.


  • Sandero III, Logan III and Jogger, all engines 2022>2023 New Codes, Actuators & Special Functions, including ABS, Body Control Module (UCH), Transmission, Climate Control, Power Steering.


  • 2023 Model Year Updated;
  • New Special Function added Fiat 500L all engines 2012>2022; New model Fiat Tipo Hybrid 2022>, 22 new systems Including Actuators and Special Functions: engine management, transmission, proxi alignment; Fiat 500X Hybrid 2022 20 NEW Systems including Actuators and Special Functions: secure gateway module, body computer, anti-lock brakes, hybrid control processor.


NEW Actuators & Special Functions including Reset Battery Monitoring, Local Interconnector Network (LIN), Parking Aid Camera Configuration, Enable/Disable remote start, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System initialisation, Reset Body Control Module for:

  • Ecosport All engines 2019>; Fiesta All engines 2019>; Focus All Engines 2019>; Mondeo All Engines 2019>; S Max/Galaxy All Engines 2019>; Transit/Transit-E/Transit Custom/Transit Courier/ Transit Connect All Engines 2019>; Ford security access for special functions 2018 >.

FUSO Canter All Engines 2017>2023 New Special Function includes the delete of work information ISSO (Starter Motor Relearn)  



Integrated Driver Support System Static Camera Aiming and Dynamic Camera to CVR Engines: 1.6L i-DTEC /2.2L i-DTEC 2013>2016; 2.0L L4 SHOC i-VTEC; 2.4L L4 DHOC i-VTEC; 2.2L i-CTDi Diesel.



  • NEW Model – Ionic 6 160Kw;
  • Special Function – Airbag – Variant coding added to: I20 GB all engines 2014>2020; I10IA all engines 2015>2020; Santa Fe TM all engines 2018>2023; Santa Fe DM all engines 2013>2018; Ix20 all engines 2012>2019; Ix35 all engines 2010>2016; I30 GD all engines 2012>2016; I40 all engines 2010>2019; Ionic all engines 2016>2020; Kona all engines 2017>2022.


  • 17 NEW systems for GLC- Class 253 all engines 2015>2023 with Actuator tests and Special Functions including Integrated Radar Sensors, Control Unit ‘Powertrain.


NEW system XC60 2.0L 2023 with Special Functional test.




Security Access


Security Link™ to ensure access to OEM-secured vehicles.



Trusted Intelligence

Snap-on provides trusted intelligence that always keeps you a step ahead. And when your platform is powered by Fast-Track® Intelligent Diagnostics,* you even have the fastest route to fixed.


Comprehensive Testing

Functional tests and bi-directional controls; waveform library and known-good test values; PID recording, whether on-screen or off; relearns and initializations.


Professional Resources

Expert information via SureTrack®; manufacturer information (TSBs, campaigns and recalls); repair information via ShopKey®.


Sharing Capabilities

Snap-on® Cloud; automatic filing; screen capture upload; Health scan; pre- and post-scan reports; ADAS recalibration.


Training and Support

ShopStream Connect™; over-air automatic software update; online platform training courses; onboard guided component test training courses.