Air Conditioning Service Equipment


Air Conditioning Service Equipment

Same as KOOLKARE BLIZZARD + Nitrogen or forming gas leak check enabled software + larger gauges + KoolKlean III for purification and sanitising system + Refrigerant identifier ready + oil function for hybrid vehicles + Nitrogen or forming gas leak check enabled software + larger gauges + KoolKlean III for purification and sanitising system + Refrigerant identifier ready + oil function for hybrid vehicles

  • Main features

    • Fully automatic supply of refrigerant, oil and dye, automatic air purge
    • Easy-to-read gauges and high-resolution colour graphic display
    • Automatic taps
    • On-board printer
    • Leak check during vacuum
    • Large heated 22-ltr regrigerant cylinder
    • Heated oil separator
    • SAE2788 compliant (automatic air purge, at least 95% refrigerant recovery, at least +/- 15 g accuracy)
    • Oil weighing system 5 g
    • Units of measure g/kg or oz/lb
    • Comprehensive vehicle database with manual input for new models
    • Hermetic and refillable oil and dye containers
    • Special software routine for cartridge change
    • Robust design, with easy mobility around the workshop
    • Storage space for service hoses
    • Customisable procedure button
    • Firmware update via PC / USB port
    • Alarm functions for: high pressure, cylinder full / empty, service interval, air purge, low refrigerant level
    • Refrigerant management, password protected
    • Database update via USB port
    • Improved serviceability


    Additional Functions and Features:

    • Software for automatic nitrogen leak check
    • Larger (100mm) pressure gauges
    • Status indicator light
    • KoolKlean III internal\external desinfection
    • Refrigerant identifier ready
    • Hybrid function


    Automatic Taps

    Operator has less manual tasks to be done as these are now automatically handled by the automatic taps feature. He can select from automatic procedure if the operation can be done by the high-pressure or low-pressure or from both high-pressure and low-pressure ports. This is helpful in case a car has only one service port. At the end of charging phase, the residual gas recovery procedure is automatic as the operator is aided by the solenoid valves.


    Hermetic Refillable Cartridges

    An A/C station equipped with hermetic cartridges offers the advantage of eliminating contact between the humidity naturally present in ambient air and the oil or dye, which are hygroscopic substances (that is, substances that easily absorb humidity). 
    The collapsible, refillable hermetic cartridges guarantee the high quality of the product charged and protect the internal components of the station from possible damage from oils and/or dyes of uncertain provenance. Moreover, many vehicle manufacturers recommend use of hermetic cartridges in their authorised repair shops


    Improved Serviceability

    Maintenance of the unit has been greatly improved with the QTECH III, there is now only one large dryer filter on the unit. This dryer filter can be easily accessed without the need to removing covers or plastics. Vacuum pump oil drain and refill can now be easily done without the need for taking off any covers etc. The weighing scale transit bolt and lock has been replaced with an easily accessible turn lock on the rear of the unit.



    The new A/C systems on many latest-generation vehicles, such as hybrid or electric vehicles, are equipped with compressors operated by high-voltage electric motors containing specific high-performance electrical insulating oil. Use of other oils may prove dangerous for the operator during system testing if high voltages are present. Preliminary flushing of the station and the service hoses is recommended before servicing a system of this type. Flushing eliminates the risk that residues of different (non-insulating) oils may be injected into the A/C system, jeopardising its safety and good operation. The patented system permits running this flushing cycle automatically, thanks to the specific lateral couplings, integrated with the station, for connecting the service hoses.


    The KoolKlean III system applies ultra-sound technology (the same used in aerosols) to passenger compartment air purification and evaporator sanitising, to eliminate annoying odours and infuse a pleasant scent. 
    With the certified KoolKlean Liquid in the tank, select the service time from the station menu according to vehicle type (small, medium, large) and start treatment, which may be carried out simultaneously with A/C system charging in full automation. KoolKlean III can be used both internally and externally, you can use the A/C station to control the operation of the system or you can now use the KoolKlean III system as a stand-alone device also. This allows you the greatest flexibility possible.


    Nitrogen / Forming Gas Leak Check
    The nitrogen leak testing system is an alternative to traditional leak detection methods (testing during the vacuum phase or dye injection). The advantage offered by nitrogen is that leak testing may be conducted under pressure with an inert gas. It is useful above all in those cases in which use of a dye is not permissible (for example, in automobile manufacturing). This system is fully integrated with the recharging stations to eliminate the need for operator intervention during service. The system prints a leak test report at the end of testing.
    The leak test can also be conducted using forming gas, with the added advantage that an electronic identifier can be used to detect the leak.



    • To use the nitrogen check feature you WILL need to order QTECH PRO nitrogen kit – EAK0241L034A
    • To use the R134a refrigerant identifier option you WILL need to order gas identifier R134a – EAK0234N28A


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